About Security Coverage About SecurityCoverage

SecurityCoverage is a privately owned company in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that provides automated computer security services for home and small businesses. Introduced in January 2004, SecureIT Services provides a set of computer protection services that focus on stopping and eliminating Internet security threats without any user interaction. These services provide fully managed virus and spyware protection, automated Microsoft Windows updates, an integrated pop-up blocker and ongoing hard drive maintenance and optimization for faster computer performance.

In order to develop SecureIT Services, SecurityCoverage established partnerships with industry leading firms like Microsoft, Symantec and Executive Software. These partners help provide software that enables specific functions, for instance, virus protection and hard drive optimization. SecurityCoverage combined these functional components with the ease of use, reporting, and fully automated updates desired by the consumer market. Everything from installation to eliminating and reporting spyware issues can be completed by SecurityCoverage, removing responsibility from the consumer.

SecureIT Services customers using the services have reported zero issues or downtime with viruses, spyware or other Internet security issues, enjoyed optimal computer performance and availability, and reduced the amount of time spent protecting their PCs.

SecurityCoverage Inc., an Iowa Corporation, was established in October 2001 and is located in Cedar Rapids, IA. The company currently serves VAR's, Internet Service Providers, and customers throughout the United States.