Cable Trouble Trouble

Is Your Customer Owned Equipment Causing Problems with Telephone, Internet or TV Service?

Do you have customer owned telephone, internet or TV equipment? Cordless telephones, computers, VCR’s or any type of communication equipment purchased elsewhere? Have you done your own wiring for that extra telephone, computer or television? Do you have more than one TV or do you play video games off your TV? Do you have a customer owned cordless telephone, answering machine or computer router and have them plugged in? If you have more than one telephone, television or computer, have you checked each device to see if the problem is common to all of them or just one?

If you incur problems with your service, be sure to check all customer owned equipment and wiring before you call Ntec to report a problem. Ntec is responsible only for service up to your residence/business and equipment or wiring that you may be renting from us.

If a repairman is sent to your residence/business and finds customer owned equipment creating the problem, you, the customer, will be charged $100.00 for regular time per hour or $150.00 for after hours for the call. The repairman is obligated to repair the service so that it is operational again and is not obligated to fix or repair the customer owned equipment.

Therefore, when and if you think about purchasing customer owned equipment, it would be best to find out all you can about it, know how it works and any problems that it may cause.

And remember, if you're having a problem on your line for telephone, internet or TV, be sure to check all customer owned equipment to make sure they're working correctly before you call in a problem. You may save yourself the hourly service fee.